Made Up Cosmetics

About Us

Made Up Cosmetics are a London based cosmetics brand, founded in 2016. Our CEO has vast experience and knowledge in the makeup industry, managing several high end brands in the UK and overseas.

The idea came to play when our CEO was applying her makeup one day and began thinking why her makeup sponge absorbed so much product… This lead her to thinking about how much product is wasted / absorbed when using a sponge or brush to apply makeup. She then began to experiment with different materials that would be able to form as a make up applicator (an applicator that is hygienic, safe, and non absorbing). It was only then that she realised she was onto something immense, original and exciting. She reached out to several contacts she has made over the years from working in the make up industry and together they began to work.

Made Up Cosmetics also have a brand ambassador on board who has worked as a professional makeup artist for over 5 years. She was also very hands on with the design and style of the product, helping us ensure it was 100% perfect. Since our Made Up Cosmetics team created the product, our brand ambassador has tried and tested out our product, branding it her ‘New favourite makeup tool she can NOT live without…’

A big thanks to everyone involved as collectively using all of there knowledge along with our business team we have created our first product…

The Base Blender.