How to use

  • Take a small amount of Foundation, Concealer or any other liquid based products (Moisturizer, Facial Wash, Exfoliator, Skin or Eye Serum) – spread the product onto the skin, using circular motions back and forth.
  • Remember: You only need half the amount of product!
  • To blend the product into the skin, tap and pat repeatedly to ensure the cream / liquid is settled onto the skin (you will notice it leaves a flawless airbrush finish).
  • Repeat the process to add extra coverage where necessary.
  • Make sure you pay extra attention to the creases of the nose, around the eyes and hairline – You can do this by folding the Base Blender in half to create a point, to help with precise detailed areas.
Base Blender Apply these Products

Benefits of the Base Blender

  • You only need around half the amount of foundation, concealer or any other liquid based products compared to what you would normally use when applying makeup with a brush or a sponge.
  • It’s ultra hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Simply run under warm water with a little soap or brush cleaner and will dry instantly.
  • For makeup artists or someone always on the go you can clean your Base Blender with a sanitizing wipe or spray.
  • Regular brushes or sponges even when cleaned need replaced often whereas the Base Blender is 100% more hardwearing, looking as good as new once cleaned.
  • The Base Blender leaves a fabulous flawless air brush finish to the skin.
Base Blender


This hygienic Base Blender is very easy to clean and requires almost no care. Use a mild shampoo or brush cleaner then rise with warm water, pat dry and store. Alternately if your on the go a sanitizing wipe works well likewise. The Base Blender is very hard wearing and long lasting, it will only need replacing if there is damage or piercing to the outer lining.


  • PU
  • Cruelty & Paraben FREE
  • SGS Tested & 100% SAFE


  • Keep out of reach of small children
  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Keep away from sharp object such as tweezers or cosmetic scissors